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Bombbar celebrates seven years with 30% discount on everything it has available

Bombbar Celebrates Seven Year Sale

Functional powerhouse Bombbar has won our annual Functional Brand Of The Year award for the last three years, but it has been in the business for a little longer than that, four years longer, in fact, and this week, it is marking that journey. Here in the first week of September of 2023, Bombbar is celebrating its seventh birthday, an impressive milestone and one that rewards fans with a substantial discount on absolutely everything it has available.

Over in Bombbar’s official online store at for the next three days, you can save 30% on every one of its sports nutrition supplements, health and wellness products, functional foods, and better-for-you snacks. There is a coupon code required for the offer in “27R14”, which drops the likes of the whey-powered Whey Pro protein powder to 1,673₽ (17.10 USD) for a 2lb tub, and a box of the delicious Chikapie to 819₽ (8.37 USD), all at

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