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Condemned has put together a promising pre-workout specifically for Halloween

Condemned Labz Previews Halloween Edition Souls4sale

Some sports nutrition brands go the extra mile for occasions and events like Christmas and Easter, doing more than a special edition flavor, themed around the time of year. By that, we mean some sort of alternative product, such as a version of a pre-workout with extra ingredients to spice up the experience. It looks like something along those lines is coming from the hardcore supplement company Condemned Labz, themed around Halloween.

Condemned Labz has previewed a supplement named Souls4Sale, a potent pre-workout in a mysterious, fitting flavor called Witches Brew. The product will have that more premium 20 maximum servings per tub, and knowing the brand, you can expect a potent blend of energy and focus, and very likely support for pumps and performance. It certainly appears as though the formula will be different from that of Condemned’s signature stimulant pre-workout, Convict.

The weight of a full-size serving of the Souls4Sale pre-workout is 19.6g, compared to the 11.5g of Condemned Labz Convict. While that doesn’t tell the whole story, at almost 20g, there is plenty of room for solid dosages in the supplement to ensure a well-rounded pre-workout experience. We look forward to seeing the complete formula behind the product and the upcoming launch that should happen shortly, leaving enough time to get it before Halloween.