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Ekkovision expands into another essential category with a competitively priced amino cocktail

Ekkovision Ekko Eaa

Our Newcomer Of The Year for 2022, Ekkovision, has not stopped growing, expanding, and evolving in its second complete year of business, with 2023 being packed full of just as much excitement. The sports nutrition company that heavily specializes in pre-workouts has been evolving some of its already available offerings and filling out its family of supplements, entering important categories, which is what it’s about to do in Ekko EAA.

Ekkovision is not present in the amino cocktail category at the moment, although Ekko EAA is going to change that with a clean and simple formula made up exclusively of the nine essential amino acids. The upcoming supplement has a combined 9.1g of EAAs, the majority of that coming from BCAAs, like most EAA cocktails with 3g leucine and a gram each of isoleucine and valine, then the other six EAAs make up the remaining 4.1g.

Ekkovision Ekko Eaa Label

As you can see, Ekko EAA is as straightforward as it gets in an amino, featuring only EAAs to support muscle recovery and repair, and the highlights don’t end there; it is also going to have a competitive price. When the latest Ekkovision creation goes live on Thursday of this week, you’ll be able to purchase it at $32.89 or $27.95 after a coupon like “EKKO”. Keep in mind this is a tub of 40 servings, not the usual 30, so if you’re comparing the value to a 30 serving, 30 servings of Ekko EAA works out to $20.96.

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