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Growing Elev Global adds over ten more capsule or tablet products to its family

Elev Global Liver Testo Ashwa Pro

Elev Global is at it again, revealing and releasing another bunch of entries in its growing family of sports nutrition products, and this time, there is a lot more than previous occasions where the brand has dropped a handful of new supplements. Each of the latest from Elev Global confirms what it’s all about in their name, with the exception of two or three, but they are relatively essential-style items, nothing overly complex like a pre-workout.

Firstly, all of Elev Global’s product drops come in capsule or tablet format, and starting the list is BCAA Pro and BCAA Plus, the former featuring 600mg of BCAA per pill at a 2:1:1 ratio, and the latter has 1,000mg a piece at a much higher leucine ratio of 8:1:1. Next is ALA Pro with half a gram of alpha lipoic acid in a two capsule serving, AAKG Pro with a gram of arginine AKG in every two capsules, and one more arginine offering in Argi Pro featuring arginine HCl, not AKG, and at 1.2g in a serving of two capsules.

Next is Elev Global’s Ashwa Pro, another standalone supplement featuring 320mg per capsule with ashwagandha, of course, CLA Pro with 2g of CLA in a two-capsule serving, and Ultra Omega-3 with a gram of fish oil per pill. The last three are where things get a bit more complex in Multivitamin combining a variety of vitamins, minerals, and superfoods; Liver Pro with a selection of components to support and protect your liver, including cysteine and milk thistle; and Testo Pro with over ten ingredients to boost testosterone.

As mentioned, Elev Global has pumped out a whole force of supplements this time around, far greater than the typical four or five we usually get from the growing international brand. All of the products are available for purchase beginning this month from Elev Global and should be hitting all of its usual stores and stockists shortly, whether it be direct or through a distributor.