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Latest Goodles creation covers mac in gouda cheese with a touch of hickory smoke

Goodles Smokey Dokey

Gal Gadot’s better-for-you noodle company Goodles, which makes impressively delicious, better macro, and vitamin-reinforced pasta dishes, has a fresh new flavor creation here in the month of September, following one of its most intriguing offers to date in If You’re Hoppy And You Know It. The name of Goodles’ latest effort to go alongside other hits like Cheddy Mac, Twist My Parm, and Here Comes Truffle is Smokey Dokey.

Goodles Smokey Dokey is a delicious-sounding thick and creamy macaroni noodle dish covered in rich gouda cheese complemented with a touch of hickory smoke. That comes with all of the same great highlights mentioned, including a variety of superfood-sourced vitamins and a heightened amount of protein at 14g a serving, thanks to Goodles’ own noodles made with wheat flour, wheat protein, and chickpea protein.

The other macros filling out the nutrition profile of the new Goodles Smokey Dokey are 47g of carbohydrates, a low 5g of that sugar, no added sugar, 3.5g of fat, and a calorie count of 260. We’ve tried plenty of the brand’s better-for-you pasta dishes, and they’re even better than they look, which we imagine continues in Smokey Dokey, available at at $18.78 for four, two-and-a-half servings boxes or $47.86 for 12.

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