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Newcomer AfterDark continues to grow with its brick-and-mortar exclusive approach

Introducing Afterdark Supplements

AfterDark is a relatively young and growing sports nutrition brand that started around this time last year and is certainly a well-marketed brand with creative stories, an intriguing and strong social media presence, and great-looking labels on its supplements. The praise doesn’t stop there; AfterDark also packs some well-rounded formulas into its various products, meaning it’s just as good on the inside as it is on the outside.

The stars of the AfterDark lineup are the pre-workouts, the stimulant-backed Inhuman and the stimulant-free EPO+, the creatine-based muscle builder Creation, and the high-powered fat burner Pyrodex with an intense 375mg of caffeine a serving. There are a few other items out there on the market, such as the anti-estrogen specialist Estrozole, and another muscle builder named Turkabolen, obviously powered by turkesterone.

Afterdark Supplements Inhuman

To give you an idea of the quality of formulas you get from AfterDark, the stimulant-free pre-workout EPO+ packs 5g of citrulline malate, 2.2g of three different sources of creatine, grape seed, and a solid dose of nootropics for focus in tyrosine, noopept, and a blend called NeuraChol, featuring DMAE, alpha-GPC, and CDP choline. The creatine Creation is another supplement from AfterDark worth taking a lot at, featuring six different creatines for a combined 10g, plus betaine, electrolytes, and glycerol.

You can check out AfterDark in more detail through its website and at retailers like XN Supps and Nutri Cartel, but one other extremely important detail about the growing newcomer is you can’t get its supplements as easily as most. AfterDark is a brick-and-mortar exclusive, to the point where you can’t even purchase the products through its website, only its growing number of retail partners, including those two mentioned.