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Myprotein puts together a Pistachio flavor for four of its protein products

Myprotein Pistachio Flavor Series

Myprotein has a new flavor out this week for fans to pick up and give a try, and to make things interesting, it’s available for a lot more than a single supplement. The taste the brand has centered itself around is the nut pistachio, and it hasn’t left fans guessing, giving the flavor the straightforward name of Pistachio. Myprotein has crafted that flavor for four of its protein-based products, two of them being popular competitors.

Myprotein has created a Pistachio flavor for the well-known and competitively priced Impact Whey Protein; then you have the plant-based Vegan Protein Blend; the premium Pro Series supplement The Whey; and the functional Coffee Boost Whey. For those not familiar with that last product, Coffee Boost Whey, that is made using whey concentrate for the protein and various sources of caffeine for energy, including actual coffee.

All four of Myprotein’s Pistachio-flavored extensions — Impact Whey Protein, Vegan Protein Blend, The Whey, and the multi-benefit Coffee Boost Whey — are in stock and available for purchase over at Obviously featuring different formulas and approaches, their prices aren’t the same, going from Vegan Protein Blend at £29.99 all the way up to £46.99 for a tub of the advanced Prri Series The Whey.

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