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Phat Lab reignites the menu of its pre-workout Phyre by adding two new tastes

Phat Lab Dragon Fruit Star Fruit Phyre

Phat Lab is the uniquely and unforgettably branded supplement company responsible for products like the pre-workout Phyre and the slightly simpler, more general energy-focused formulas Phame and G-Crak. We’ve got the colorful brand in the headlines this week as it has added two new flavors to the menu of its more advanced supplement, the pre-workout Phyre, which previously only had one taste to choose from in the two-part fruity recipe, Pineapple Orange.

Tripling the selection of options for Phat Lab’s Phyre pre-workout are two more fruit-themed efforts in Dragon Fruit and Star Fruit, currently available through the reputable retailer NutriFit at $34.99 for a tub of 21 servings. The supplement itself features a nice and well-rounded formula, including highlights such as 4g of pure citrulline, 2.5g of betaine, 3.2g of beta-alanine for performance, 350mg of caffeine, and the potent pair of yohimbine and alpha yohimbine.

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