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Raspberry Lemonade makes it three flavors for Alien’s advanced superfood formula

Raspberry Lemonade Alien Greens

Alien Supps in Australia has broadened the selection of flavors available for its superfood competitor, Greens, which is a lot more than your traditional blend of fruits and greens ingredients. The brand has packed the supplement with superfoods, specifically the premium BIOMEgreens and Spectra superfood blends, plus Lactospore probiotic to improve gut health, DigeZyme for better digestion, and the micronutrient concentrate CellCharge.

Again, and as you can see, Alien Supps’ Greens is a complex competitor in the superfood space, and previously, it only had two tastes on its menu, one being the typical fruit-themed recipe Forbidden Fruits and the other a smoothie-suited Chocolate. Joining that selection recently and making it three flavors to choose from is a second fruity concoction in Raspberry Lemonade, available now in its home country, including direct at $67.45 (43.59 USD) a tub.

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