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Reflex puts only reliable ingredients and dosages into its balanced The Muscle Bomb pre-workout

Reflex Nutrition The Muscle Bomb Pre Workout

Reflex Nutrition in the UK has rolled out a fresh new pre-workout that goes by the unforgettable name of The Muscle Bomb. It is a stimulant-backed supplement, but has plenty of other components to ensure you get maximum support from the pre-workout. The product doesn’t feature a supremely diverse selection of ingredients; it’s opted more for a handful of reliable compounds at some impressive and respectable dosages.

There are just six key components driving Reflex Nutrition’s The Muscle Bomb pre-workout, all of them dosed around moderate to solid amounts, starting with 2.5g of beta-alanine and a gram of taurine for performance and endurance. You then have a hefty 9g of citrulline malate and 2.5g of betaine for pumps, 1.5g of tyrosine to enhance mental focus, then lastly, the ever-reliable caffeine, at a relatively robust 350mg in a full serving.

As mentioned, Reflex Nutrition has not put a laundry list of ingredients into The Muscle Bomb, going for a simpler set with one or two for each of the core pre-workout benefits, ensuring you get complete support from each of the carefully selected components that are in there.

The Muscle Bomb pre-workout from Reflex Nutrition carries a regular price of £34.99 (43.39 USD) when shopping through the brand’s own online store, and that’s for the usual split of 40 regular servings and 20 maximum. To celebrate the launch of the pre-workout, the UK-based company is temporarily dropping that price, and by a reasonable amount, bringing it down by 20% to a much more competitive £27.99 (34.71 USD).