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Stack3d Attending The Nacs Show 2023

The NACS Show is a global and prestigious annual convention for absolutely everything convenience-related, from packaged snacks and foods, through to beverages and energy drinks. It is a ridiculously packed event, filled with 100s of brands, including the likes of Bucked Up, Performance Inspired Nutrition, the pre-workout specialist C4 Energy, Redcon1, The Rock’s ZOA Energy, and the hydration powerhouse Liquid IV.

With physical events and expos gradually building back in since the pandemic, we’ll be joining the 10s of 1,000s that make their way to the NACS Show every year and sharing all of the action it has to offer. As mentioned, all sorts of convenience brands will be exhibiting at the expo, introducing their lineups to retailers and distributors, as well as unveiling completely new innovations that are coming down the pipeline.

We’ll be there to share any sort of exciting news and developments, whether that be upcoming, unreleased products, any fresh new faces on the convenience scene, and everything in between. The NACS Show is taking place in about two weeks, going down from Wednesday the 4th to Friday the 6th, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

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