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Supplement Needs loaded Joint Stack moves into capsules and makes just a few changes

Supplement Needs Joint Stack Capsules

Joint Stack is the packed-out joint support product from the reputable UK retailer and brand Supplement Needs, and when we say packed out, we mean it; in fact, this may be one of the rare occasions we would say stacked. The brand really fills out Joint Stack, squeezing in all sorts of quality highlights from classics like glucosamine and marine collagen at 1.4g and 3g, respectively, half a gram of cissus, and 50mg of premium NucleoPrime.

Interestingly, Supplement Needs put all 17 active ingredients of Joint Stack into a flavored powder format, as opposed to the common format for this type of product in capsules or tablets. The retailer and brand has actually gone ahead and relaunched the joint health supplement this week, in that format. Joint Stack no longer comes in its original flavored powder but capsules, and it obviously has a huge serving size of nine capsules.

Supplement Needs Capsule Joint Stack

Supplement Needs has carried over almost everything from the Joint Stack powder to its replacing Joint Stack capsules, with only one ingredient not making the trip and a few changing their dosages. The differences are that deer antler velvet is no longer in the product, the marine collagen has dropped a pinch from 3g down to 2.5g, Curcuprime is 50% higher at 300mg, and the Casperome boswellia is up 20% also to 300mg.

Overall, Supplement Needs Joint Stack is very much the same high-quality stacked joint support product, with the increases more than making up for the decrease and removals. You can grab the revamped capsule-format supplement straight from and with that premium formula does come a premium price tag of £49.99 (60.85 USD) for a bottle of 28 servings to supply you for a full four weeks.