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Reputable Supplement Needs is preparing to drop its first and well-formulated beverage

Supplement Needs Teases Some Sort Of Beverage

Supplement Needs is an incredibly specialized sports nutrition company, going deeper into various categories and benefits than most other competitors in the industry, and you don’t need to look that far into its catalog to see examples of that. It has advanced products like Liver Stack and Heart Stack, and it is because of moves like those that it’s always worth tuning in when the brand has something new on its hands.

The retailer and supplement company has shared a teaser for an upcoming product, and it appears as though it is preparing to drop its first beverage. The mystery item in the graphic is clearly a drink, although the question is, what is it built to support? It doesn’t come in a can, so that rules out a carbonated energy drink, but still leaves plenty of possibilities, such as a pre-workout RTD, a premixed protein shake, or potentially an advanced competitor for the popular sports drink space.

As mentioned earlier, Supplement Needs is known for its well-put-together supplements, offering far more for categories than most others. With that in mind, we’re incredibly interested to see what this beverage turns out to be. You know, whatever area of the industry the brand has built it for, it’s going to be something interesting, which has us intrigued; however, we are going to be waiting a fair amount of time, as Supplement Needs isn’t dropping it for another five weeks.

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