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Hydramino is getting a couple of spin-offs with added energy and sleep support

Tc Nutrition Hydramino Am Hydramino Pm

Hydramino is Canadian company TC Nutrition’s amino cocktail, packing plenty of aminos in a combined total of 11g a serving, and of that, 8g is made up of all nine EAAs to support muscle recovery and repair, the majority of that being BCAAs at 7g. The brand pairs all of that with essential electrolytes to improve hydration and performance, and in the coming weeks, we’re getting two spin-offs in Hydramino AM and Hydramino PM.

TC Nutrition’s Hydramino AM and Hydramino PM are variants of the original supplement, offering additional benefits for different times of day. Both products have 25% fewer EAAs than Hydramino at 6g a serving, and in Hydramino AM that is combined with nootropics for focus and 200mg of caffeine for energy. As for Hydramino PM, it brings together the recovery-supporting EAAs valerian root and melatonin to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Basically, TC Nutrition’s Hydramino AM is a great solution for those after a bit of energy for a workout, general exercise, a good morning wake-up, or whenever you need uplifting energy, and Hydramino PM is designed to be taken before bed to get you to sleep, and get better quality sleep, with the EAAs to further overnight recovery. The two EAA-based supplements are hitting the market later this month in three flavors for AM and two for PM.