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Coconut and dark chocolate come together in All Stars’ latest flavor of Oatcake

All Stars Coconut Dark Chocolate Oatcake

One of the star products from the German functional food and sports nutrition brand All Stars is Oatcake, obviously an oat-based snack providing a good amount of carbohydrates, with two versions currently available to choose from. There is the original Oatcake and the higher-protein spin-off Oatcake Protein, both of which have several flavors on their menu, with the former getting yet another option here in October.

Joining All Stars’ Oatcake family this time around is a classic combination of two tastes with a dark chocolate twist in a Coconut Dark Chocolate Oatcake. The product rolls together a sweet hit of coconut thanks to the actual coconut sprinkled throughout the snack and decadent dark chocolate. All of that comes alongside the oat-based build of Oatcake, providing 41g of carbohydrates, 21.4g of fat, 4.1g of protein, and 376 calories.

As always, the latest from All Stars can be purchased immediately through its online store, with retailers to follow. For those that want the product as soon as possible, you can head to and get Coconut Dark Chocolate Oatcake at €2.25 (2.38 USD) a piece or a box of 12 at €26.99 (28.54 USD), plus 20% discount if you order this month using the coupon “GETFIT”.

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