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Candy-based Sour Gummy flavor comes to ANS’ signature pre-workout and amino cocktail

Ans Performance Sour Gummy Blast Flavors

The Canadian supplement company ANS Performance exploded into the industry years ago with memorable products like the original powerhouse pre-workout Ritual and the equally effective fat burner Diablo. Throughout the years, the brand has continued to hold a strong position in the market, introducing more supplements and several flavor extensions, and this week, we’ve got another new taste from ANS Performance for two of its more popular sports nutrition competitors.

The two products getting some attention from the brand this time around are its long-running stimulant pre-workout Ritual and its muscle recovery and hydration-supporting amino cocktail Quench EAA. As for the flavor that’s been added to each of their menus, it is a candy-themed experience named after the treat that inspired it in Sour Gummy Blast. You can already get both of the flavors directly through ANS Performance’s online store and shortly, its many retail partners.