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Cream of rice comes to Apollon with zero sugar and three flavors to choose from

Apollon Nutrition Hot Rice Gourmet Cereal

The ever-relentless and always-busy Apollon Nutrition has a new type of nutrition product launching this coming Friday, which is popular in the UK and Europe and somewhat emerging here in the US. The name of the item is Hot Rice Gourmet Cereal, a cream of rice product that gives you all of the clean and nutritious macros of rice in a smooth, hot creamy dish, without any sugar, and it comes in a selection of flavors to suit most situations.

Apollon Nutrition’s Hot Rice Gourmet Cereal is made primarily with cream of rice or milled long grain white rice to provide 30g of carbohydrates in a 39g serving, absolutely none of that is sugar, with no fat, just 3g of protein, and a calorie count of 130. You can serve that however you please, whether it’s two servings to get 60g of carbohydrates or one and a half for 45g and 195 calories, you can cut it up to suit your lifestyle and nutrition needs.

The usual rotation of Apollon Nutrition is to reveal its latest innovation on Monday and launch four days later on Friday, and that is the case with Hot Rice Gourmet Cereal, going live at at the end of the week. As mentioned, the hardcore supplement company is going to have a nice selection of flavors available right out of the gate in Alpine Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, and Blueberry Muffin, all with 25g servings a tub at $34.95.