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Big Boy in Czechia makes a different kind of advent calendar loaded with treats and surprises

Big Boy Advent Calendar

European companies tend to get in on the fun of holidays like Easter and Christmas a little more than others around the world, particularly those that specialize in the functional food space. The nut butter brand Big Boy falls right into that category, and with the season of giving right around the corner, it has announced its special edition item for Christmas, and it’s something fans will need to get their hands on early with a Big Boy Advent Calendar.

The build of the Advent Calendar is a bit different from your traditional box of 24 or 25 different doors to open one by one. Big Boy’s version is a cardboard tree with shelves that you piece together, then place the 24 treat-filled packages on the shelves and around the tree. Inside each of those purple boxes is a surprise Big Boy product, mostly sample sizes of its delicious nut butter, and some of them are exclusive limited editions like Double Bueno.

As mentioned, Big Boy’s Advent Calendar is far from your traditional box of windows, but that’s not a bad thing, as it only adds to the experience, and something different and exciting when it comes to functional foods, is always enjoyable. The special edition holiday product is available to order straight from the brand’s online store, at CZK 1,999 (86.20 USD), although be quick, as there is only a limited amount, and these things tend to move relatively fast.

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