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Colorful newcomer Childish Energy hits the market with an energy drink formula in a powder supplement

Childish Energy Supplement

Childish Energy is a fun and colorful new company that, plain and simple, does not look like any other competitor we’ve seen in the world of supplements, and it has just the one product. Both the brand and product are referred to as Childish Energy, sort of a self-titled supplement, and the closest thing we could relate it to is a basic energy formula along the same lines as G Fuel, where it’s designed purely to give you a nice, reliable hit of energy.

Again, the look and feel of Childish Energy is unmissable and incredibly unique, from the eye-catching flat colors and bold choice of font to the simplistic approach of information on the front and short, rounded tub. The brand doesn’t end there either; it takes that one-of-a-kind branding into its website, which is also quite a different experience in terms of display, design, and approach.

While Childish Energy gets a lot of interest on the outside and scores points with its stylish strategy, it isn’t overly advanced in formula. This is the part that puts the brand’s supplement into the world of basic energy, not pre-workout or nootropic, more of an energy drink in powder format. It features B vitamins, vitamin C, non-transparent amounts of taurine, tyrosine, and theanine, and 150mg of caffeine. Choline bitartrate and acetyl-l-carnitine are also in there, and though we don’t know their exact dose, it’s less than the caffeine.

Childish Energy Supplement

The ingredients and dosages Childish Energy has put into its product aren’t supremely advanced, although pretty solid for an energy drink, and to be fair, the brand is only promoting it for its use of vitamins and caffeine. It’s not trying to be a pre-workout, nootropic, or anything like that, just a supplement to throw down for a hit of energy, like an energy drink, but in bulk flavored powder.

Childish Energy is a UK company, and it does ship all around the world through its official online store at The price of a 40-serving tub of its self-titled energy supplement is £35 (42.58 USD); however, if you don’t want to commit to an entire tub, there are single-serving sachets available. The brand has the Starter Pack with a sample of each of its three flavors — Blue Raspberry, Tropic Storm, and Melon Burst — plus a shaker for £10, or the Deluxe Starter Pack with two of each for £16.99.