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Nick’s uses more offcuts and leftovers to create another flavor of its Saved protein snack

Cookie Crumble Nicks Saved Protein Bar

Nick’s Saved Protein Bar is an intriguing protein snack in the traditional bar format, although it’s not the macros or even the ingredients that make this product something worth paying attention to. The innovative highlight of the product is that it’s made with offcuts and leftovers from the functional food company’s own manufacturing process, which would typically be thrown out, hence the name Nick’s Saved Protein Bar.

Nick’s teamed up with the supermarket Motatos to launch its Saved Protein Bar in its original Peanut Caramel flavor, which has just been joined by a second taste creation. To go alongside that classic combination of peanuts and caramel, the brand has used more offcuts and leftovers to craft another flavor for the honorable protein snack featuring a touch of cookies in a Cookie Crumble Nick’s Saved Protein Bar.

The nutrition profile in the second flavor of the Nick’s Protein Bar, made from saved ingredients, is lighter in protein than the original at 5.6g; then you have 11g of carbohydrates, a low 2.1g of that sugar, 7.7g of fat, and 144 calories. Like Peanut Caramel, the all-new Cookie Crumble Nick’s Saved Protein Bar is not available everywhere, currently exclusive to the online stores of the major supermarkets Motatos and Matsmart.

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