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DNS in Japan makes a few changes to its more recent The Protein and they’re all positive

Dns The Protein Changes

DNS The Protein is another entry into the highly competitive world of protein powder from the Japanese supplement company DNS, separate from its other more known offerings like Casein & Whey, its flagship Whey 100, and the refreshing Whey Protein Clear Taste. The Protein is actually incredibly similar to Whey 100 when it comes to formula and nutrition profile, although again, they are separate, and both are on the market.

The list of ingredients in DNS The Protein is identical to that of Whey 100, with the exception of the thickener guar gum, which is not in The Protein. That result in a marginally leaner mix of macros, where you get 23.3g of protein, all from whey, in a moderate 30g serving, 1.7g of fat, 3.7g of carbohydrates, well under a gram of sugar, and 118 calories. DNS debuted the protein powder in Chocolate and Café au lait flavors in a 630g bag.

Despite DNS The Protein still being relatively fresh and new for supplement enthusiasts in Japan, it is already being added to, and in a big way, suggesting it has found quick success. The protein powder has been given a third flavor in a classic fruity Strawberry, and the smaller 630g bag’s price has been permanently lowered to ¥2,779 (18.62 USD). A second, much larger volume has been added, too, with a triple-sized 2kg bag packing 66 servings, ¥7,980 (53.48 USD) available for all three flavors.