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The Rock and ZOA blend cranberry and citrus for a special Christmas edition energy drink

Dwantas Holiday Punch Zoa Energy Drink

Christmas is right around the corner at about eight weeks away, and many brands within the world of sports nutrition, functional food, and energy drinks have got in on the action with some sort of special edition flavor or even an entire product. The Rock’s ZOA Energy has joined in on the fun and put together a flavor exclusively for the holidays, and it features its own distinct design that’s kind of what we thought was going to be the look right from the beginning of the brand.

The Rock and ZOA Energy have announced a limited-time flavor themed around Christmas in Dwanta’s Holiday Punch ZOA Energy Drink; Dwanta, of course, is the clever name given to Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson whenever he takes on the role of Santa. The flavor itself is completely new and promises a fitting holiday blend of cranberry and citrus, and on the front of the beverage is an illustration of Dwanta himself, flexing, smiling, teeth sparkling, and holding Dwanta’s Sack.

ZOA Energy is currently taking pre-orders for its Dwanta’s Holiday Punch ZOA Energy Drink at the product’s usual price of $24.99 for a case of a dozen cans. The pre-order isn’t actually too long of a wait, with the brand planning to fulfill early bird purchasers on the 1st of November, which is one week away. Dwanta’s Holiday Punch features all of the usual ingredients and dosages in a ZOA Energy Drink with no sugar, vitamins, amino, electrolytes, and 160mg of natural caffeine.

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