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MusclePharm promises to bring back some legacy supplements under its new ownership

Fitlife Brands Acquires Musclepharm

The black and green supplement brand MusclePharm, long-known for its quick rise back in the early 2010s as The Athlete’s Company, has been on quite the journey in its more than ten years in the business of sports nutrition. The once loud and strong competitor in the space doesn’t have anywhere near the lineup it did back in the day, like its powerhouse pre-workout spin-off Assault Black, the comprehensive fat burner Shred Matrix, and the legendary nighttime recovery formula Bullet Proof.

As we approach the end of the year, MusclePharm’s future looks like it is about to shift direction and has the potential to make some moves. This week, it was announced the umbrella company FitLife Brands has completed its acquisition of MusclePharm. While you may not know FitLife by name, there is a good chance you will have heard of some of the brands it owns, such as NDS Nutrition, Energize, Metis Nutrition, PMD, and the one we’re significantly more familiar with in iSatori, the maker of Bio-Gro.

While a change in ownership doesn’t always mean great things are on the horizon, under FitLife Brands, MusclePharm is making it sound like it has plenty in store for fans to be excited about. It promises better distribution, meaning easier access and availability to its selection of supplements as well as some product drops. MusclePharm is planning to bring back legacy items that have simply been out of production and introduce a few innovations, which is, of course, what immediately caught our attention.

Most things are always easier said than done, which is why we’re saying MusclePharm has the potential to make some waves. Back in the day, it was a one-stop-shop for all your sports nutrition needs with solid competitors in the world of pre-workout, weight loss, protein powder, amino, hydration, recovery, and even testosterone boosting with Battle Fuel. It would be great to see many of those well-known supplements return with a modern approach to take on today’s fast-moving market.

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