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GymBeam makes a cheesy snack providing 14g of protein and under 2g of carbohydrates a bag

Gymbeam Just Cheese

Over in Europe, functional foods and better-for-you snacks tend to be a bit more creative and different, and this isn’t one or two brands; this can be seen from many companies in the region. The relatively large GymBeam has gone ahead and dropped another one of those intriguing edible items in Just Cheese, and you could probably guess what the product is made of, in fact, it is not playing around, it is exclusively made of cheese and milk.

GymBeam’s Just Cheese is a light and compact 30g bag of bite-sized pieces made of cheese and dried buttermilk for a deliciously, full-on, cheesy snacking experience with a nutrition profile that does not disappoint. Based on its ingredients, it’s no surprise Just Cheese is incredibly low in carbohydrates with 1.38g a bag, 630mg of that sugar, a keto-style 8.7g of fat, a strong amount of protein at 14.7g, and a solid 142 calories.

Just Cheese from GymBeam is clearly a lean snack with plenty of protein, next to no carbohydrates, and impressive calories, making it an ideal solution for those looking to get some protein on the go or a food that’s low in sugar, carbohydrates, and calories. GymBeam is both a retailer and brand, and you can grab its newest functional food straight from its online store at, where bags are €1.60 each and €29.95 for a box of 20.

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