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Inno Shred gets a more potent and thermogenic big brother infused with enXtra, Evothin and Mitoburn

Inno Supps Inno Shred Inferno

Inno Shred is one of Inno Supps’ most-known supplements, and it is obviously a fat-burning formula designed to enhance thermogenesis, metabolism, and energy, as well as improve overall weight loss. Again, it is one of the brand’s best-selling products, and starting today, it has a more potent big brother in Inno Shred Inferno, which does cost a few dollars more at $54.99 versus $49.99, but the experience looks much more intense.

Inno Supps has really dialed up the stimulants and sensory benefits in Inno Shred Inferno, where Inno Shred has 200mg of caffeine and 1mg of alpha yohimbine; the spin-off combines energizing caffeine and potent alpha yohimbine with the premium stimulant enXtra. The brand has also carried over the common Paradoxine grains of paradise and added 250mg of the proven MitoBurn and another quality premium component in Chromax chromium in an effort to reduce carbohydrate absorption and further support weight loss.

Inno Supps Inno Shred Inferno Label

Inno Shred Inferno has spiced up the areas you’d expect when a word like Inferno is attached to the name, putting more ingredients in for energy and thermogenesis, at least compared to the balanced approach of the original. It is tough that the formula of Inferno is mostly non-transparent, so you don’t know how much grains of paradise or even caffeine are in there per serving, whereas Inno Shred does that for all of its ingredients.

Again, Inno Shred Inferno currently costs a few dollars more than Inno Supps’ premier weight loss product at $54.99 for a single bottle of 30 servings to be taken once a day to get you through a typical month. The brand does have its usual ways to save, where if you subscribe to receive the supplement monthly, you get 20% off to $43.99, and if you buy a bulk bundle, you can get even lower, like three bottles every three months at $35.99 each.