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Jym is putting a balanced blend of electrolytes into its hydration competitor with a calming twist

Jym unveils Jym Hydration

The hydration category has been heating up for a while and in a variety of formats, including bulk tubs of powder, single-serving stick packs, and, of course, beverages thanks to the likes of BodyArmor’s Flash IV and Prime Hydration. Plenty of prominent names in the world of sports nutrition have been getting in on the action, and the next of those appears to be the reputable Jym Supplement Science from the man himself, Jim Stoppani.

Jym Supplement Science has announced Jym Hydration, a product built specifically to support, improve, and enhance hydration, performance, and recovery. The complete formula for the supplement has not been shared, but we’ve got a solid description, and it is based around a carefully crafted blend of electrolytes. Jim Stoppani has mentioned there is an overuse of sodium in hydration competitors, not enough potassium, and almost no sign of chloride, which is crucial for overall fluid balance.

Judging by that analysis of competitors, we’re guessing Jym Supplement Science is looking to correct all of those issues and has put together a comprehensive and effective blend of electrolytes in Jym Hydration for reliable rehydration, muscle function, and performance. To further separate the product from the increasingly popular market, there is added theanine for a calming effect and Sensoril ashwagandha to help reduce stress.

As we’ve seen Jim Stoppani and Jym Supplement Science do many times before in other categories, Jym Hydration is an intriguing entry into the world of hydration, combining a well-thought-out blend of electrolytes and theanine and Sensoril for a unique, relaxing, and calming angle. Jym Hydration is hitting the market in two days on Friday in bulk tubs, not stick packs like some of its competition, in two flavors, Pina Colada and Lemon Lime.