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Life Pro blends Verisol and other complementing components for Glow Up Collagen

Life Pro Nutrition Glow Up Collagen

Life Pro Nutrition in Spain has a colorful new supplement on the market this week by the name of Glow Up Collagen, and, of course, it’s based entirely around the common beauty ingredient, collagen. While collagen is in the name of the product, that’s not all that’s in it. The latest from the brand is a relatively advanced beauty supplement built to support healthy hair and nails as well as support skin elasticity and appearance.

Glow Up Collagen from Life Pro Nutrition comes with 5.9g of collagen peptides a serving and another 2.5g of Versisol collagen peptides, which is backed by clinical studies, and that is where most of the skin benefits come from. The brand has also included half a gram of vitamin C to improve your own collagen synthesis process, 150mcg of selenium, and lastly, another common beauty component in 120mg of hyaluronic acid.

Life Pro Nutrition does have a basic collagen on the market, with Glow Up Collagen coming in as a more premium alternative for those who use collagen for its beauty benefits and want something with complementing ingredients alongside it. The supplement does cost a bit more than a standalone collagen at €34.90 (36.79 USD) for a tub of 30 servings in Strawberry Cream, Fresh Lemon, Caramel Macchiato, and Vanilla Milkshake flavors.