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Mutant puts together a premium multi-feature backpack for its loyal fanbase

Mutant Military Backpack

Some supplement companies have a ridiculously strong presence in apparel and accessories, especially those that have branding and a message fans can easily and loyally connect with. The love for the look and feel of one’s sports nutrition products goes beyond what you’re using to reach your goals and into something you proudly show your support for, and that is certainly the case for the Mutant fanbase or Mutant Nation.

To ensure its followers are given every opportunity possible to share and show off their favorite supplement brand, Mutant has and still makes an extensive selection of clothing, accessories, equipment, and merchandise, and it has a fresh new piece this month. Now available through the brand’s online store is the Military Backpack, featuring a water-resistant material, a giant 37-liter capacity, reinforced zips, multiple compartments for storage, convenient carry loops, and, of course, sleek Mutant branding.

The Military Backpack is everything you’d expect it to be when you think of a premium bag from the maker of well-known supplements like the high-calorie gainer Mutant Mass and high-powered pre-workout Mutant Madness. You can pick up the product straight from the brand over at, and the price is not bad considering the build quality coming in at $82 with free shipping if you can bump your order up to $99.

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