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Mutant has cooked up an explosive thermogenic just in time for the Olympia Weekend

Mutant Mysterious Explosive Thermogenic Supplements

Hardcore supplement company Mutant is known for all sorts of competitors in various categories, from its signature high-calorie mass gainer Mutant Mass, the high-powered pre-workout Mutant Madness, and more balanced and comprehensive pre-workout All-In. This week, in line with the Olympia, the long-running brand is dropping what looks to be two somehow related thermogenic products to support weight loss.

Mutant has passed on the teaser image you can see above, clearly not featuring too many details, although it’s been paired with a caption that points us in that fat-burning direction. The brand has said “shredding is gruesome”, which is more than enough to confirm we’re talking about weight loss; then that’s followed by two words, “explosive thermogenic”, and it is there where we get a slightly better idea of what’s coming.

We have a feeling we’re in for one of two things from Mutant with its “explosive thermogenic” in either a fat burner backed by some strong stimulants or a hybrid supplement that blends pre-workout with weight loss. In the teaser image, there does appear to be two separate products, with our suspicion being that it’s either two flavors or potentially separate versions, maybe stimulant and a stimulant-free alternative.

Whatever it turns out that Mutant is teasing and the mysterious “explosive thermogenic” ends up being, we look forward to seeing it all, and again, it’s all leading up to this year’s Olympia taking place this weekend, so we expect to have everything revealed and the supplement maybe released in the coming days.

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