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Mutant makes a custom pair of high-top sneakers exclusively for its loyal fans

Mutant Swole Soles

Mutant has released a mysterious piece of merchandise that you can only gain access to if you become a part of the Mutant Nation and subscribe to its mail list over at or After doing that, you’ll be given a link to something we’ve only ever seen from a couple of companies; either way, it’s incredibly rare, but at the same time, a piece of merchandise diehard fans will want to get their hands on, and in its many eyars, the brand has earned plenty of those.

Mutant has gone above and beyond, and produced its own custom high-top sneakers that it cleverly calls Swole Soles. They have a classic high-top design with white rubber on the base and front, black fabric making up the body, and for a touch of branding, they’re brought together with vibrant red laces. The final feature that really puts a stamp on the product and lets you know who and where the Swole Soles come from, is on the side, in large, is Mutant’s apocalypse logo.

Mutant Swole Soles

Again, once you’re signed up to the Mutant Nation email list, you can get yourself a pair of Swole Soles, and they’re actually pretty good value, considering everything the brand throws in with them. Through Mutant’s US online store, you’ll pay $54, and in Canada, it costs you $72 (52.88 USD) for a pair of high-top sneakers in sizes M5/W7 through to M13/W15. When you purchase Swole Soles, for that price, you also get yellow laces to swap in for a bit of change, branded quarter-length socks to wear with the shoes, and a Mutant drawstring bag.

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