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Introducing Supplement Snoop’s unique daily brain health innovation MyQ Brain Food

Myq Brain Food

Industry veteran and consultant Supplement Snoop has officially unveiled his own line of products and the first-ever supplement it’s putting out on the market. The brand is called MyQ, and the debut innovation is Brain Food, a daily-use health formula to support focus and cognition, as well as brain health and longevity. The approach is unique, as typically, products that look to offer benefits for the brain and mental side of things are high-powered nootropics for immediate effects and experiences.

As you’d expect, Supplement Snoop and MyQ’s Brain Food relies on a specific set of ingredients, each carefully selected for an intended purpose, all in the name of that overarching aim to support brain health and longevity with a focus kick, kind of like an everyday multivitamin for your brain. The formula includes a blend of B vitamins, with 16mg of vitamin b3 or niacin, 1.7mg of B6, 2.4mcg of B12, and 400mcg of folic acid from Arcofolin methylfolate, a premium active form of vitamin B9.

Myq Brain Food Label

Moving on down the label of MyQ’s Brain Food, you get 100mg each of quercetin dihydrate and CognatiQ for its ability to help with growth and development, then you have phosphatidylcholine also at 100mg, and featuring a high-quality standardization of 98%. The final piece of the puzzle that has undergone a lot of thought, development, and effort from the mind of Supplement Snoop is 100mg of ResveraSol LS, which is resveratrol enhanced with BioSNEDS for a drastic 4800% increase in bioavailability, to reap the blood pressure, cholesterol, and anti-aging benefits of the ingredient at a new level.

Supplement Snoop and MyQ have really built Brian Food for long-term benefits that’ll stem from everyday use of the well-put-together product, as mentioned, similar to a multivitamin, but with the likes of CognatiQ, and a variety of B vitamins, there is a nice instant focus portion to it. The product is due to arrive this week, with availability going live next week, and the price is more than reasonable for the promoted benefits, sitting at $32.99 on a subscription basis, working out to right around $1 a day.