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One Line’s one-of-a-kind Freezy is an actual ice pop infused with BCAAs and electrolytes

One Line Supplements Bcaa Freezy Ice Pop

Week in and week out, we see all sorts of sports nutrition products hit the market; many of them fall into categories or spaces we’ve seen before, and they’re typically in formats and feature formulas we’re more than used to seeing. The latest launch from One Line Supplements in Canada initially appears to be a typical BCAA infused with electrolytes for hydration, although on closer inspection, it is indeed a one-of-a-kind item.

One Line Supplements’ BCAA Freezy Ice Pop provides a moderate 3g of BCAAs at the classic 2:1:1 ratio to support muscle recovery, half a gram of taurine, and, again, a couple of electrolytes to improve hydration and performance. All of that comes in a single stick pack; however, inside the pocket-sized stick, the formula is mixed into a liquid, 75ml to be exact, and it is there where things get interesting and take a unique turn.

BCAA Freezy Ice Pop is not a play on words for the sort of flavor One Line Supplements is going for or anything like that. The supplement is an actual Ice Pop that you store in the freezer and then pull out when you’re ready to enjoy it. Once frozen and ready to serve, you can tear off the top or rip into it like you would a traditional ice pop and bite into the sweet-tasting frozen treat, offering all the benefits of BCAAs and electrolytes.

One Line Supplements Bcaa Freezy Ice Pop

As mentioned, One Line Supplements’ BCAA Freezy Ice Pop is a one-of-a-kind product featuring an approach to the amino category that we simply haven’t seen executed on this level. There are plenty of recipes and how-to guides from brands that help you turn a bulk amino powder product into an ice pop, but none that we’ve seen that take you straight to the final step.

One Line Supplements is Canadian, and there you can purchase the recently released BCAA Freezy Ice Pop from its many retail partners or straight through its online store at Directly from the brand, you can get single Freezy Ice Pops at $1.99 (1.44 USD) in your choice of sugar-free Cherry, Grape, and Cream Soda flavors, or go bulk and save in the 24-pack bag at $28.99 (20.92 USD), working out to $1.20 a piece.