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Patria rebrands everyone of its energy drinks to celebrate the Day Of The Dead

Patria Day Of The Dead Editions

Energy drink brand Patria is deeply routed in its home country and proudly made and extensively consumed by Hispanics. The brand brings together a variety of ingredients to drive its energizing experience and offers a bit more than energy. The Patria energy drink combines a host of B vitamins, green coffee bean, PEA, and, of course, caffeine. Patria uses a reasonable amount of the classic caffeine at 200mg, plenty for a quick pick-me-up.

In celebration of the Día de los Muertos (Day Of The Dead) this year, Patria is going all out and doing some special edition reskins, but not like anyone else. The beverage company has rebranded its entire family of energy drinks with Day Of Dead-themed artwork. This goes for both of its versions, the regular with 54g of sugar in a 16oz can and 220 calories, and the sugar-free with absolutely no sugar or calories, and it applies to every flavor.

Patria’s Day Of The Dead campaign is genuinely line wide, and it’ll be like that all the way up until the event itself on the second day of November. The special edition energy drink cans will hang around a little longer after the celebration, then switch back to their original designs. Patria brought its transformed lineup to NACS this year and is currently rolling the products out to retailers.

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