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Introducing the sports nutrition newcomer Real AF from a founder of Bucked Up

Real Af Pre Workout

Real AF is a fresh new brand on the sports nutrition scene, with two supplements supporting its launch, both of them being pre-workouts. You will undoubtedly be familiar with the brand the owner of Real AF founded way back in 2011 in DAS Labs or Bucked Up, which has obviously come a long way since then. The newcomer has its own distinct and colorful look, similar to some of the popular lifestyle brands out there, and that is consistent across its two products and their various flavors.

Real AF, from the founder of Bucked Up, has begun its journey in the world of supplements with two pre-workouts, although realistically, it is one in regular and caffeine-free versions. The brand has chosen to straightforwardly name its products in Real AF Pre-Workout and Real AF Stim-Free Pre-Workout, and again, they feature the same exact ingredients and dosages with one small change in that Stim-Free doesn’t have any caffeine.

The complete formula behind Real AF Pre-Workout and Stim-Free Pre-Workout can be seen in the facts panel above, including 6g of citrulline malate for pumps, a light 100mg of taurine, and another 100mg of pink Himalayan salt for hydration. Then you get 200mg of alpha-GPC and a more respectable half a gram of lion’s mane to support mental focus, a moderate 250mg of caffeine for energy, and the ever-present AatraGin at an effective 25mg to improve absorption and overall efficacy of the pre-workout.

Real Af Pre Workout Label

Again, that formula above is for Real AF’s regular Pre-Workout, with the Stim-Free Pre-Workout having all of the same features minus the 250mg of caffeine. There is room to take two scoops of the supplement, getting you 12g of citrulline malate, a gram of lion’s mane, and a potent half a gram of caffeine, which aren’t unheard of dosages in the pre-workout category, although the brand does only recommend throwing back a single.

Real AF is selling both of its supplements, Pre-Workout and Stim-Free Pre-Workout, through its recently opened online store at a mainstream-level price of $39.99, keeping it out of that $40 range. That will get you a full-size tub of 30 servings, which works out to $26.66 if you’re comparing it to a 20-serving product, and there are two flavors for Pre-Workout in Watermelon and Smashberry, and Blue Razz Lemonade for Stim-Free Pre-Workout.