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Sour Green Apple flavor announced by SEEQ but it’s only here for a limited time

Sour Green Apple Seeq Clear Protein

Tomorrow at precisely 6PM Eastern Time, the clear and refreshing protein powder specialist SEEQ is launching another tasty flavor of its signature supplement after the battle that went down last month to decide between Fruit Punch and Tropical Punch. The only catch with this one is that despite sporting an eye-catching neon color and sounding like quite a different experience from all of the other tastes available for SEEQ Clear Protein, it is only going to be around for a limited amount of time.

SEEQ’s latest flavor creation is a vibrant green-colored Sour Green Apple SEEQ Clear Protein, giving you that familiar crisp taste of green apple with a sour twist. The temporary option will have all of the same clean nutrition as fans have come to expect from the brand and its protein powder with 22g of protein a serving from whey isolate, no fat or sugar, and a lean 100 calories. Again, the product is going live tomorrow at 6PM Eastern at for a price of $44.99 for a tub of 25 servings.