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Swedish Supplements steps out of its comfort zone for the eye-catching nootropic Boss Brain

Swedish Supplements Boss Brain

Every now and then, Swedish Supplements drops some incredibly intriguing and uniquely presented products; look no further than its high-powered stimulant pre-workout I Am Fucked Up, which is also available as an energy drink. The brand’s latest creation is right up there with the introduction of Swedish Supplements Boss Brain, a nootropic built to increase, elevate, and enhance energy, focus, and cognition for any situation that requires it.

The formula driving the nootropic style experience in Swedish Supplements Boss Brain is relatively well-rounded, and it’s backed by a wide variety of reliable ingredients and dosages. The product has some of your more common components like taurine, glutamine, and tyrosine, at 2g, 1g, and 1g, respectively, 600mg of GABA, a solid half gram dose of citicoline, 100mg each of gotu kola, theanine, and caffeine, and 200mg each of rhodiola and phosphatidylserine. Some premium features have found their way into Boss Brain as well in 300mg of Bacognize bacopa and 50mg of AstraGin to improve uptake.

Again, Swedish Supplements Boss Brain is a well-put-together product with plenty of ingredients in there to ramp up energy, focus, and cognition, whether that be for gaming, study, productivity, or anything in that realm. What makes this one stand out and pop so much is the look is ridiculously beyond anything else in the brand’s core lineup, even next to the I Am Fucked Up offerings, with a suited-up alien on the cover in front of a psychedelic background.

Swedish Supplements is launching its effectively dosed nootropic Boss Brain in its home country of Sweden shortly through its many reputable retail partners, including the likes of MM Sports, Proteinbolaget, and Gymgrossisten. It is expected to be hitting shelves at a slightly premium price of SEK 449 (40.18 USD) for a tub of 25 maximum servings in the one flavor that’s as out there and obscure as the branding of Swedish Supplements Boss Brain in Mojito Melt.