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Pro Whey menu almost doubles in size thanks to Vast’s latest flavor drop

Vast Peanut Butter Chocolate Pro Whey

While the name Pro Whey sounds like a more advanced offering, it is actually Vast’s more mainstream-level entry in the incredibly competitive protein powder category. The supplement sits at a price of €34.90 (36.94 USD) for a tub of 30 complete servings, each packing 24g of protein. That comes from a blend of whey concentrate and isolate, more the former than the latter, with typical sugar, carbohydrates, and fat for a blend-style protein product, but the latest on Pro Whey is that it’s almost doubled its menu.

Vast in Europe has taken Pro Whey from a total of four different flavors to seven. The previous lineup consisted of traditionals like Vanilla Ice Cream and Double Rich Chocolate as well as a fruity Strawberry & Cream and a slightly more intriguing Cookie Dough. The three flavor extensions for Pro Whey are a typical taste in the US with Peanut Butter Chocolate, then there is Cinnamon Swirls, and last but not least, the intriguing Blueberry Vanilla Muffin.

All three flavors for Vast’s Pro Whey have that same blend of whey concentrate and isolate to give you 24g of protein for whenever you need to quickly and conveniently get extra protein: in the morning, midday meal replacement, or the usual post-workout to improve recovery and build muscle. Peanut Butter Chocolate, Cinnamon Swirls, and Blueberry Vanilla Muffin are all available directly through the brand’s website at Pro Whey’s usual €34.90.

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