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Zombie Labs make a flavor series involving all four of its original supplements

Zombie Labs Gruesome Grape

Flavor series are collections of supplements from a sports nutrition brand, typically popular category items like pre-workout and weight loss, that come in the same flavor and feature a similar look that links them all together, more so than other flavors of each respective product. This is something that emerged a few years back and has become relatively common, and an approach Zombie Labs in Australia has just taken with its Gruesome Grape involving four separate supplements.

Zombie Labs’ Gruesome Grape Series is actually made up of its four original products: the fat burner Molotov and the three pre-workouts, Infected, Cross-Eyed, and the stackable stimulant-free competitor, Pumpz. For the special edition collection, those items have been given a grape-based Gruesome Grape flavor and dressed in a matching purple-label. The whole family is available beginning this month in Australia, and with a name like that, it goes nicely with Halloween.