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Pink Starburst candy looks to be the inspiration behind Alpha Lion’s latest limited offering

Alpha Lion Pink Swole Burst

Get ready to take on another refreshing new flavor because Alpha Lion is at it again with its incredibly reliable Pre-Workout Of The Month Series. Later this coming week, the brand is introducing a latest limited-time taste called Pink Swole Burst, described as a pink fruit chew, and by that, we’re guessing the brand’s alluding to the classic strawberry-tasting pink-colored Starburst candy.

Just in time to rejuvenate your autumn workouts before winter comes around, Alpha Lion is rolling out Pink Swole Burst for one of its stimulant-backed pre-workouts in the more mainstream-level Superhuman Pre. The other supplement getting November’s temporary taste is the stimulant-free, pump-enhancing Superhuman Pump, which can be stacked with Pre to ramp up the pumps.

Fans of Alpha Lion can mark their calendars for Thursday of this coming week when Pink Swole Burst debuts for Superhuman Pre and Superhuman Pump at As with their previous Pre-Workout Of The Month offerings, Pink Swole Burst will be available for just three days or while supplies last, which ever comes sooner, and there is a good chance the former is the case.