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Alpha Lion introduces a nootropic backed by NooLVL, Brainberry and AstraGin

Alpha Lion Superhuman Focus

Alpha Lion has released a first for its brand, and it is a surprising one as it is a supplement for a category most specialized sports nutrition companies have something for. The latest from Alpha Lion, launched right in line with Cyber Monday, is Superhuman Focus, an advanced nootropic. It has been put together in partnership with the brand’s premier ambassador, Alex Eubank, built primarily to enhance focus and cognition.

Importantly, Alpha Lion’s Superhuman Focus is a stimulant-free nootropic supplement, and that is something worth noting as it means you can use it alongside a stimulant-based product, even a not-so-focus-heavy pre-workout for a mental drive element. The brand is known for putting together reliably effective supplements, and Superhuman Focus is no different, with a selection of well-dosed and premium components.

Alpha Lion Superhuman Focus Label

Ensuring you get a strong level of focus, enhanced cognition, improved reaction and elevated concentration are the branded ingredients, 100mg of CogniUp, an effective 65mg of Brainberry, and the gaming-specific NooLVL at its full amount of 1.6g. Alongside all of that is the caffeine metabolite theobromine at 40mg, a gram of choline bitartrate, a solid 3g of tyrosine, B vitamins, and the absorption-enhancing AstraGin for improved overall efficacy.

Alpha Lion has certainly crafted an effective set of ingredients and dosages that should have a noticeable nootropic effect, and again, the versatility of being caffeine-free allows you to pair it with something like an energy drink for those who prefer added caffeine. The price of the supplement is $49.99 for a tub of 21 servings in the one pink lemonade flavor Pink Lionade, and if you get in during Cyber Monday, it can get as low as $34.99.