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Nutri Cartel gets its own exclusive flavor of Apollon’s high-stimulant Assassin pre-workout

Apollon Nutrition X Nutricartel Orange Cream Assassin

Apollon Nutrition has collaborated with several other brands and partners for special edition flavors and even products, and right in line with the week of Black Friday, it has done the same with one of its many loyal retail partners. The hardcore supplement company has come together with the team at Nutri Cartel for a flavor of its legendary, high-powered pre-workout Assassin, which is its more stimulant-heavy competitor in the category for potent energy and intense focus.

The flavor Apollon Nutrition has made exclusively for Nutri Cartel, which also has its logo on the product itself, right under the brand’s, is an Orange Cream Assassin. The retailer’s online store and physical shop in Georgia are indeed the only places you can go to get your hands on the flavor collaboration, and it is actually already available for purchase through its online store. Straight from Nutri Cartel you’ll pay $59.95 for a full-size 20 maximum serving tub of Assassin.