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Applied treats fans of its beef-based protein powder to a sweeter and juicier experience

Applied Nutrition New And Improved Beef Xp

Applied Nutrition is a brand of many different categories with a selection of products that makes it an incredibly reliable one-stop-shop regardless of what sort of lifestyle you live and dietary approaches you have. The long-running UK-based company has you covered from protein powder, by way of all sorts of formulas in isolate, concentrate, blend, and so on, through to pre-workout with its well-known and widely available ABE.

Recently, Applied Nutrition decided to revamp one of those competitors in the world of protein powder with Beef-XP, which is indeed a beef-powered supplement providing 28g of protein a serving from beef isolate and lean macros elsewhere with under a gram of carbohydrates and fat, and 114 calories. The brand has not altered the main ingredients in the product, what it’s done is take time to improve the product’s overall taste.

Applied Nutrition’s Beef-XP is promising an even better flavor than it had before, and that’s across most of the menu, so there are plenty of ways to enjoy the sweeter and juicier experience. The updated supplement is already on the market with several of Beef-XP’s original flavors available, including Tropical Vibes, Citrus Twist, Cherry Apple, and Strawberry Raspberry.