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Arms Race keeps the formula in its RTD close to the original Harness pre-workout

Arms Race Nutrition Harness Pre Workout Rtd

Arms Race Nutrition talked about the coming of a beverage version of its original stimulant pre-workout Harness right at the beginning of the year, then shared a bit of a preview not too long ago. It has been almost 11 months since that initial post confirming the product and presumably even longer on the planning side of things, but finally, this week, right on Black Friday, the reputable brand is rolling out the Harness Pre-Workout RTD.

The long-awaited product from Arms Race Nutrition is hitting the ground running with a strong selection of flavors, five in total with Lemon Rush, BiGapple, the refreshing Venice Beach, Rainbow Sherbet, and Key West. Those are all flavors from the menu of the original Harness powder pre-workout except for BiGapple and Rainbow Sherbet, but, of course, the big question is, what kind of formula are we getting in the drink?

Harness supplement vs Harness RTD

Arms Race Nutrition has done a good job at getting the ingredients and dosages in its Harness Pre-Workout RTD as close as possible to the supplement, although there are a few differences. The brand has managed to carry over most of the components, including 5g of pure citrulline for pumps, 3.2g of beta-alanine and 150mg of elevATP for performance, and the dual caffeine approach with slightly less caffeine anhydrous at 300mg, and Infinergy di-caffeine malate in place of ZumXR providing 60mg for a combined 360mg of caffeine.

Huperzine A is still a part of the experience at 100mcg compared to 200mcg in Arms Race Nutrition’s Harness supplement, but it has completely removed the focus-enhancing tyrosine and citicoline, as well as half a gram of pump-supporting ViNitrox. The Harness Pre-Workout RTD does have one addition in alpha-GPC at 300mg to make up for the drop in those two focus components, so again, it’s not identical, but it’s impressively close.

Launching on Black Friday

As far as pre-workout RTDs go, Arms Race Nutrition’s upcoming competitor is right up there as a well-rounded option. Despite the few changes with less caffeine, fewer focus components, and no ViNitrox, the maintained citrulline, elevATP and everything else should ensure an experience close to or on par with the original. Once again, the brand is planning to launch its long-awaited RTD in two days alongside its undoubtedly heavily discounted, direct Black Friday sale.