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KSM-66’s high-quality ashwagandha gets its own tablet product at Atron in Sweden

Atron Ashwagandha

The multi-benefit ingredient ashwagandha, found in testosterone boosters, nighttime supplements, recovery formulations, performance products, and more, has become more and more of a common standalone. Several sports nutrition brands offer the ingredient by itself, usually in capsule format, and that is precisely what Atron in Sweden has cooked up, or more specifically, tablets, and it has gone with a premium touch, not relying on the straightforward, generic form of the ingredient.

Atron’s ingredient-titled Ashwagandha comes with 90 tablets a bottle, and inside each of those pills is a solid dose at half a gram, and again it’s not generic ashwagandha; it’s the highly effective and clinically studied KSM-66 Ashwagandha. The beauty of standalones is you can dose them to your liking, so if 500mg is not your level, you can double up to two tablets and get 45 servings at a gram. For a little extra efficacy, Atron has also added 5mg of BioPerine black pepper to improve absorption.

Over in the Atron online store, you can get the KSM-66-backed Ashwagandha at 189 (18.21 USD), which is more than reasonable for the amount of high-quality ingredient you get in total at 45g in the entire bottle.

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