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Ghost Energy Drink is coming to Australia with a few tweaks and a new flavor

Australian Ghost Energy Drink

Australia and New Zealand is one of the many markets Ghost has a strong international presence, being available down under for several years and with a wide selection of its supplements, from Ghost Legend through to the more recent, electrolyte-fueled Ghost Hydration. Very soon, the brand is bringing the Ghost Energy Drink to the region, and as we’ve seen with other energizing beverages, it has had to make a few changes to be compliant.

The Ghost Energy Drink in Australia and New Zealand will be slighlty bigger, as it’s not following the traditional 16oz format of the US but the more common format in the area of half a liter, which is 16.9oz. There is a limit on caffeine in energy drinks, forcing the original lifestyle supplement company to drop from its usual 200mg of natural caffeine to a more moderate 160mg. It has tweaked the vitamins a bit as well but maintained the inclusion of the premium focus-enhancing NeuroFactor at 100mg a can.

On the flavor side, the Australian Ghost Energy Drink will keep the nutrition to a minimum, including no sugar, and the options will be slightly different with Watermelon, a non-Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry, exclusive to the region, Green Apple, Orange Cream, and the citrus Original Lemon Lime. The brand won’t be rolling out the entire family initially; it’ll be in stages, but it will undoubtedly have a huge impact, considering the coolers aren’t as competitive as they are in Ghost’s major market of the US.