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Caffeinated protein cookie company Beast Cookie Co unveils a pair of flavors that are gluten-free

Beast Cookie Co Gluten Free Flavors

Beast Cookie Co is a functional company that makes a cookie, and while it does have a respectable amount of protein at 10g a piece, that isn’t the main focus of the product. The brand’s signature item is the effect named Energy Cookie, as alongside the protein, you get a strong 180mg of caffeine for energy. The Beast Cookie Co’s lone offering is currently available in three classic cookie flavors in Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Brownie, and Oatmeal Raisin, with two more right around the corner.

Launching shortly from Beast Cookie Co are two flavor extensions in another Chocolate Chip and a sprinkle-covered Birthday Cake. They both have that same 10g of protein a cookie and 180mg of caffeine; however, unlike those other three, they’re also gluten-free, hence the repeat of the original Chocolate Chip. The macros are expected to be around the same as the other options, with the 10g of protein sitting alongside 7 to 16g of fat, a fair amount of carbohydrates at 52 to 56g, and 320 to 380 calories.

Again, Beast Cooke Co is planning to officially launch its gluten-free flavor extensions of the Energy Cookie shortly, but the estimated timeframe is somewhere in early 2024, so at the very least, the Chocolate Chip and Birthday Cake gluten-free cookies are two months away.