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Bulk manages to sqeeuze a solid 24g of protein into a packed of miniature breadsticks

Bulk Protein Breadsticks

The giant UK-based sports nutrition and functional food company Bulk has added to its vast selection of protein snacks and treats this week with Protein Breadsticks. You could probably guess the kind of product it is based on the name alone and the fact it’s a pocket-sized item weighing just 60g a piece. It is indeed a small packet of a handful of crunchy miniature breadsticks, although instead of being high in carbohydrates like breadsticks usually are, these are packed full of protein.

Bulk’s Protein Breadsticks come with a substantial amount of protein at 24g of protein a pack and significantly less than that in carbohydrates and fat, with just 9.8g of the former and 11.2g of the latter. The sugar remains nice and low, under 2g, and very reasonable calories for a strong 24g of protein at 248. As always, the place to go to get the latest from the brand is, where you’ll pay £3.99 per packet, or if you’re pretty sure you’ll like them, you can get four at £14.99 or £3.75 each.

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