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Chemical Warfare turns the classic orange ice pop into a flavor of three workout products

Chemical Warfare Orange Ice Lolly Series

Chemical Warfare has rolled out an entire flavor series this week, introducing a colorful, summery new taste for three separate supplements, all of them centered around getting more out of your workout. The flavor is a relatively sweet and refreshing-sounding creation named Orange Ice Lolly, which aims to deliver the citrusy taste of a classic orange ice pop or orange popsicle in the form of a flavored powder pre-workout and intra-workout.

The newly released Orange Ice Lolly from Chemical Warfare has hit the market for two separate and stackable pre-workouts in The Bomb powered by a potent 400mg of caffeine, and the stimulant-free pump-focused Nitro Pump pairing 6g of pure citrulline and 5g of GlycerSize. The other member of the family is the performance and recovery-fueling intra-workout Intra-Surgence, with all three available direct ranging from £32.99 (40.83 USD) to £35.99 (44.54 USD).