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Fadogia, BlackVcube and more come together for DNA Sports’ boldly named Man Up

Dna Sports Man Up

The team at DNA Sports in the UK has introduced a new men’s health supplement called Man Up, and while it has been categorized as a health and wellness-type product, it’s really more of a testosterone booster, and it comes with all of those benefits, too. The brand is known for bringing together a solid selection of ingredients and dosages, and that stays true in Man Up, with a host of components for a comprehensive experience.

DNA Sports has launched its testosterone-boosting Man Up with plenty of time to take advantage of its Black Friday sale, and you’ll want to get in on it when you hear how big the discount is it’s offering over at The regular price of Man Up is £44.99 (56.29 USD), but if you get in within the next several days and throw down the coupon “BLACKFRIDAY” at checkout, that cost falls all the way to £27 (33.78 USD).

Dna Sports Man Up Label

As for the ingredients DNA Sports has squeezed into Man Up, again, it is a pretty comprehensive formula designed to support men’s health, including, as mentioned, supporting and boosting testosterone. That, in turn, leads to improved sexual function and performance, elevated mood and libido, enhanced muscle recovery and building, and better overall well-being.

DNA Sports’ appropriately named Man Up features 100mg each of 5-HTP and diindolylmethane, more commonly known as DIM, a gram of black maca, 300mg of shilajit, 200mg each of catuaba bark and cistanche extract, and BioPerine to help out on the absorption side. The brand has also slipped in another 300mg of the premium BlackVcube black ginger and the increasingly popular muscle builder, fadogia, at a respectable 800mg a serving.