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Ekkolyte set to give the fast-growing Ekkovision a formidable competitor in the hydration space

Ekkovision Ekkolyte

Ekkovision is certainly known as a pre-workout specialist, with a mountain of competitors in the category to its name, from OB Mix and Bax Shots to powerhouses like Ryabolic and Outkast. All of those pre-workouts aside, the brand has been doing a great job at becoming a fully-fledged selection of supplements, hitting other core areas of sports nutrition, and it is expanding that reach and range once again in its upcoming Ekkolyte.

As you can probably figure out by the name, Ekkolyte is Ekkovision’s dedicated hydration product, packed full of electrolytes to fuel hydration, performance, and recovery. Also, coming from the brand that it is, the formula is obviously nothing simple or straightforward, although at this point, after seeing everything it’s done in its many other well-put-together supplements, it is difficult to expect anything less.

Ekkovision Ekkolyte Label

Ekkovision’s entry into the growing world of hydration comes with all sorts of premium sources of electrolytes, including Albion’s high-quality ingredients, Aquamin marine-source minerals, pink Himalayan salt, and CocOganic coconut water at a sizeable 2g in a maximum serving. To further support the mass amount of electrolytes in Ekkolyte, the brand has thrown in a gram of taurine and 100mg of the branded superfood blend Spectra.

Looking at its full two-scoop serving, you get well over a gram of combined electrolytes in Ekkovision’s Ekkolyte, which does mean you still get plenty in a single scoop, and with 60 singles or 30 double servings a tub, you have enough to go either way. Again, the brand is launching its hydration debut, Ekkolyte, in the coming weeks, and it’ll have two flavors to start in a classic Orange Mango and something not so classic in Strawberry Melon.